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Fast Updates:

Sam (SJ) Hendricks from Peak Story Reviews published a review of Rise on July 16th. You can read the full review here: ‘Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel’ is a Blockbuster Movie Waiting to Happen

I commissioned an illustration meant for the back of a paper bookmark to include some of the mythological creatures from The Blood Inheritance Quartet and have added the final image to the Illustrations page.



A new Review page has been created for Rise  where you can find links, excerpts, and ratings from reviewers.

Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel


To do: I would like to take some time to create more book bubbles on Bublish and I plan to request some changes to the cover of Lost with the designer at rebecacovers.

Lost: A Blood Inheritance Novel


As The Blood Inheritance Quartet continues you are introduced to many more of the mysterious animals of the realms. I am working on a few brief posts about different mythological creatures that ether have or will be making an appearance in the quartet.


Dragon Related Quotes:


“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.” – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit



“No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.” -R.A. Salvatore, Streams of Silver


“You haven’t been bit till a dragon does it.” – Tamora Pierce, Emperor Mage


“Dragons and legends…It would have been difficult for any man not to want to fight beside a dragon.” – Patricia Briggs, Dragon Blood


“I’m not so much a dragon slayer, more a dragon annoyer — I’m a dragon irritater.” – Craig Ferguson



“Puff, the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea, and frolicked in the Autumn Mist in a land called Honah Lee, little Jacky Paper loved that rascal Puff, and gave him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff.” – Peter Yarrow, Puff, The Magic Dragon



Definition of Dragon: merriam-webster.com

” a mythical animal usually represented as a monstrous winged and scaly serpent or saurian with a crested head and enormous claws”


Known to be  one of the strongest mythological creatures, dragons often symbolize strength and fear. Their mention can be found in almost every culture around the globe. Its no wonder that they are said to be able to live almost anywhere.

The variety of dragon-like creatures is immense. Usually depicted as intelligent animals, dragons can be good or bad, seen as an omen or a blessing, come in almost any color, and even breath fire or ice. From winged serpents to four legged, horned monsters, beliefs about dragons vary tremendously by region. In some cultural stories, dragons even exhibit features that resemble the body parts of other animals.

If you want to learn more about individual types of dragons, or other mythological creatures that fall into the dragon family, here are a few sites to get you started:
Blackdrago.comList of dragons in mythology and folklore, Draconika.com




The word ‘dragon’ was coined in the English language in the 13th century and it came from the old French ‘dragon’ which in turn was derived from Latin, ‘draconem’ which means “huge serpent” and Greek, ‘drakon’ which means “serpent, giant seafish.”

Although we cannot pinpoint specifically when dragons emerged, they can be traced back as far as 4000 B.C.

According to Wikipedia– “Dragon-like creatures are first described in the mythologies of the ancient Near East and appear in ancient Mesopotamian art and literature.”

You don’t have to look far to see what could have inspired the concept of these amazing creatures across the continents.

Take a peak at the skeletal remains of a few now extinct animals like the Shansitherium or the Samotherium  and you can see some interesting resemblances. Its believed that when giant bones from dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals, were uncovered around the world, they helped inspire dragons.

The American Museum of Natural History’s –Natural History Of Dragons shows an example of this from Klagenfurt, Austria, where the skull of a woolly rhinoceros had been kept in the town hall. The skull was believed to be the remains of a dragon that had been slain before the town was founded.



Komodo dragons were first recorded by Western scientists in 1910. This carnivorous species has been known to grow up to ten feet long. These gigantic lizards are currently found on a handful of Indonesian islands.

Although Komodo dragons are the largest living monitor lizards today, Megalania,  an extinct lizard that once inhabited southern Australia, could very possibly have come into contact with the first aboriginal settlers there. The youngest fossil remains found date around 50,000 years ago, and its suggested that these lizard could have grown up to 23 feet in length.

These and other creatures like the Nile crocodile ,  snakes, and even these small Cave Dragons  (Proteus anguinus – an aquatic salamander) have all been thought to play a role in the many stories and legends of dragons.


Komodo Dragon



Dragons in The Blood Inheritance Quartet

The small dragons that live in the fantasy world of The Blood Inheritance Quartet may seem cute, but their claws and teeth are razor sharp. These creatures reside in the realm of the Jinn and are said to nest high up in the emerald mountains, hidden in cracks and crevasses.


Pink Food General Newsletter(neo)



Learn more about dragons:
www.fodors.com-Places to find dragons around the world
www.genesispark.com-exhibits-historical dragons
www.smithsonianmag.com-where did dragons come from


Giveaway-Kindle EditionThe Best ay To Thank Wan Author Is to rite a Revie

Church Mouse: Memoir of a vampire’s servant

By: R.H. Hale

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Rona never imagined her old church housed a terrible secret, until immortal eyes flickered from the dark and a mutilated manservant fell at her feet. Coerced into replacing him as ‘watchdog’ for the undead, Rona must discover her own dark side in order to survive.

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Giveaway-Kindle Edition


By M. Ainihi

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When Amanda Garrett stumbles across a strange artifact in the woods, she has no idea of the dangerous secret it holds. The teen soon discovers that she has unwittingly released Erol, an imprisoned jinni, and whether she likes it or not, they are bound together until death. Amanda’s life soon begins to spiral out of control and she finds herself orphaned, kidnapped, and thrust into a terrifying reality.

Rise is a fast-paced (standalone) introductory novel to an alternate world where mundane humans are oblivious to the existence of the realms that separate them from other magical races.

When she feels, the darkness closing in around her, Amanda is not sure if she can hold onto a single speck of light, and soon she comes to understand that some secrets are better left buried.

You can also enter the giveaway here:

See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel (Kindle Edition). https://giveaway.amazon.com/p/9452811b028ce125 NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Jul 28, 2018 11:59 PM PDT, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules http://amzn.to/GArules.

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Unbolt Me
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