Updates, Quotes, and Mermaids

Fast Updates:

Added new events – Toy Con Toy Show, Planet Funk Con, and updated date for Mighty Con.

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I have put together some “Endow” book charms for the upcoming events in September. If you are interested in how these tiny books are created, check out the tutorial on this post from last year: Book Charms and Updates.

I have also designed a bookmark for “The Warning Signs” to hand out at future events.



As you can see above, my new event table runner has arrived. I am really looking forward to the scheduled fall shows. I truly enjoy meeting authors and readers alike in person at these events and I am excited to get back into the convention scene.

Stay safe and keep being awesome!



readersfavorite.com will have all three of my available books listed as prizes in the monthly book giveaway. If you are interested in winning some amazing books by great authors you can check out the monthly giveaway here:  book giveaway /Rise or/and here: book-giveaway/lost and here: book-giveaway/endow

Upcoming Event Reminders:


*I will post updates if cancellations or changes occur*

We are planning to participate in the Toy Con Toy Show on September 5th and 6th. This event takes place at the Bridgeview Community Center located at 7900 S Oketo Ave, Bridgeview, IL. To learn more about this special two day superhero weekend visit: toycontoyshow.com

We will be participating in The Milwaukee Comic Con! This MightyCon event takes place at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds Products Pavilion located at 640 S 84th St., West Allis, WI on (September 12th) October 10th. To view updated show information please visit: mightyconshows.com-milwaukee

Concealed Realms will be at Quad Con Iowa City on September 26th. This event takes place at the Coralville Marriott Conference Center.


Concealed Realms will be at Planet Funk Con! This event is taking place from June 25th -27th at The Rivercenter in Davenport, IA. To learn more visit: planetfunkcon.com

Postponed events:

(*Events that were canceled outright are not included below)

Concealed Realms will be participating in the Dupage Mighty Con. This event takes place at the Dupage County Fairgrounds, 2015 Manchester Rd, Wheaton, IL on Saturday May 23rd from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Concealed Realms will be participating in Porter County Comic Con. The Porter County Mighty Con event takes place Saturday, June 13th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at The Porter County Expo Center, 215 E Division Rd, Valparaiso, IN. – MightyCon Facebook 

We will be returning to The Madison Comic Con! This event takes place Sunday, July 12th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Monona Terrace Exhibit Hall, 1 John Nolan Drive, Madison WI.

Concealed Realms will be at the ST. Louis Mighty Con! This Mighty Con event will take place  July 18th  and July 19th at the St. Charles Convention Center. 

We will be participating in Oddmall: Hallowondrous on October 16-17, 2020. The event takes place at Lakewood Masonic Temple – 15300 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107.

Concealed Realms will be at Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan,  December 4-6, 2020. The event takes place at the Cultural Center for the Arts – 1001 Market Avenue, Canton OH 44702.

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Merfolk and Siren Quotes:


“Every man needs his Siren
To check his courage and strength
When he hears her song
In his travels through the unknown.” – Dejan Stojanovic


“I am a siren, and for my adoration of mankind, have been caught in fishing nets one time too many. And in those fishing nets I have learned too many unfavorable things about human intentions and the lack of trust and goodwill; I’m not going to allow myself to be caught, anymore. Sirens do well at singing the sirens’ song and dragging vile people to their deaths, and for good reason!” – C. JoyBell C.


“Darwin may have been quite correct in his theory that man descended from the apes of the forest, but surely woman rose from the frothy sea, as resplendent as Aphrodite on her scalloped chariot.” – Margot Datz (A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids




“Stay away from the underground lake I implore,
The Siren will see you are heard of no more.” – E.A. Bucchianeri, Phantom Phantasia




“I have seen them riding seaward on the waves
Combing the white hair of the waves blown back
When the wind blows the water white and black.We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.” – T.S. Eliot




like mysterious mermaids
come and live permanently
in the soft sweeps
and scars of my skin.” – Sanober Khan




“…and she put a wreath of white lilies round her hair, but every petal of the flowers was half a pearl;” – Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid and Other Fairy Tales



“A mermaid found a swimming lad,
Picked him for her own,
Pressed her body to his body,
Laughed; and plunging down
Forgot in cruel happiness
That even lovers drown.” – William Butler Yeats




“I sat upon a promontory,
And heard a mermaid, on a dolphin’s back,
Uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath,
That the rude sea grew civil at her song;
And certain stars shot madly from their spheres,
To hear the sea-maid’s music.”
– William Shakespeare




“Slow sail’d the weary mariners and saw,
Betwixt the green brink and the running foam,
Sweet faces, rounded arms, and bosoms prest
To little harps of gold; and while they mused
Whispering to each other half in fear,
Shrill music reach’d them on the middle sea.”
– Lord Alfred Tennyson, The Sea Fairies



Definition of a mermaid:


Noun (in folklore) a female marine creature, having the head, torso, and arms of a woman and the tail of a fish.www.yourdictionary.com


Noun  “a fabled marine creature with the head and upper body of a woman and the tail of a fishmerriam-webster


 Mermaids in mythology, folklore, and legend:

In centuries past, the ocean was thought to be full of sea monsters and other mysterious creatures. One that shows up throughout history in such tales is the mermaid. Stories featuring these sea dwellers have existed for thousands of years and like many other mythological creatures, span cultures around the globe.

Today, many of us have grown up hearing tales of mermaids. Whether its a story of a humanoid species living in deep waters or a tale of transformation, we are enthralled as we listen, marveling at their beauty and their ability to explore the wonders that hide in the depths of the ocean. In this post we will touch base on a few types of merfolk in mythology, the good, the mysterious, and the misunderstood.


What is a mermaid?

Although mermaid’s in mythology are quite varied when it comes to appearances, origins, and personalities. In general, these majestic creatures are often described as having the head and chest of a woman and a fish’s tail below the waist.

The English word mermaid is a compound of “mere” (Old English for sea) and “maid” (a girl or young woman).yourdictionary.com


Sinister Beings or Saviors?

In some cultures the mermaid signifies life and fertility within the ocean. In others, she embodies the destructive nature of the water luring sailors to their deaths or serving as omens for storms and disasters. Like the wild and often violent nature of the sea, the representations of a mermaid’s personality are conflicting. She is often seen as both a beautiful maiden and a monstrous sea creature.


The origins of mermaids

How far into humanity’s past do stories of mermaids reach? The first recorded half-fish half-human accounts were found in Mesopotamian mythology from over five thousand years ago with Oannes, who is said to have taught mankind writing, the arts, and the sciences. This amphibious being was described by a Babylonian priest as having the form of a fish but with the head of a man under his fish’s head and under his fish’s tail, the feet of a man. Oannes is thought to be the emissary of the deity Ea.


Another of the earliest mermaid legends appeared in Syria around 1000 BC. In this tale it is said that when the beautiful goddess of fertility Atargatis fell in love with a shepherd she underestimated her powers and she accidentally killed the mortal man. In her grief she jumped into a river. Instead of drowning as she desired, the bottom half of her became fish-like, while the top half of her remained human.


Two Transformative Tales:

In the myths and legends of the Cantabri (a pre-Roman Celtic people of the north coastal region of Iberia)  there is a story about the Sirenuca, a mermaid that had once been human. The Sirenuca (“Little Mermaid”) was said to be a beautiful but disobedient young lady who against her mothers orders, would climb the most dangerous cliffs where she would gather shellfish and sing.

Then one day her mother, fed up with her defiance was said to scream “God grant that you become a fish” just before she was transformed into either a water nymph or a woman with the long, bright tail of fish. Tradition says that even today the young girl’s song can be heard from within the mist, warning sailors and preventing them from crashing into the cliffs.


There is a popular Greek legend  about a mermaid who lived in the Aegean for hundreds of years. According to the legend, after Alexander the Great found the Fountain of Immortality/Youth, he filled a flask with its immortal waters. When he returned home he washed his sister Thessalonike‘s hair with the water.

When he later died, his sister attempted to end her life by jumping into the sea. Instead of drowning however, she became a mermaid that swam the Aegean sea, asking the mariners the question..“Is Alexander the king alive?”. If they answered with,  “He lives and reigns and conquers the world”,   she would allow the ship to sail safely away. Any other response would transform her into a Gorgon, who would send the ship with everyone on board to the bottom of the sea.


Examples of Legendary Creatures:

In Ireland we find the beautiful Merrows which are considered to be members of the Irish fairy world. Its said that merrows have the tale of a fish and the upper torso of a human, but that their hands have a thin webbing between the fingers. Furthermore, they are often described as having green hair. The merrows male counterpart (mermen) are much rarer. They have been described as being ugly and scaled, with pig like features and long pointed teeth.

It is said that merrows have special clothing that enables them to travel through the ocean, the type of which differs. In more northerly waters they are said to swim the sea wrapped in sealskin cloaks, taking on the appearance and attributes of seals,(similar to a Scottish selkie) while in other areas its said that they wear a small red cap made from feathers, called a cohullen druith.


In Scottish mythology there is the Ceasg,  a mermaid whose lower half is that of a salmon, while the upper half retains the appearance of a beautiful maiden. The ceasg is rumored to live in rivers and streams as well as the sea and if you happen to capture one, its suggested that she will grant you three wishes.

Discover more mermaid stories:
mexicounexplained, wikipedia.org/Susulu, atlasobscura.com


Nautical superstitions:

Sailors would spent months, and years traveling across vast oceans, so it is not surprising that beliefs and superstitions of figures controlling the unpredictable and often turbulent weather appeared in nautical tales over the centuries.

Although early mapmakers often used mermaids to represent dangerous geographic areas of the oceans, such as places where ships often ran aground, or areas where bad weather was  frequent, In sailor folklore mermaids were usually a symbol of good fortune.

Sailors would look for mermaid’s purses on beaches and would take there appearance as a sign of mermaids being in the area. This was because they believed the egg capsules to be the lost personal belongings of mermaids.

Between the 16th and 20th centuries mermaids often appeared as figureheads on the front of vessels. This carved wooden decoration located on the bow of ships, proved popular with the sailors as they were thought to appease the sea, ensure good weather, and aid in finding a safe way back to land.

Discover more sailor superstitions:


The Misinterpreted

The Greek name “Seirén”,  has a meaning similar to “binder, entangler”. As such the Sirens of Greek mythology were said to be malicious and dangerous, attracting sailors with their captivating voices, towards the hazardous rocky coast of their island. These mythical sisters who enticed sailors to their deaths with the sweet melody of their irresistible songs, are sometimes described as mermaids.


What is the difference between a siren and a mermaid? 

Most people today generally consider siren’s and mermaids to be the same thing. Both words call up images of a beautiful woman with the tail of a fish instead of legs, when in actuality the sirens from early geek mythology did not have fish like attributes at all. They were in fact, shown with the full bodies of birds, but the heads of women, although they did gradually change in appearance over time.  Around the early fourth century BC on-wards, images of sirens became more human-like. They were often shown with the heads, arms, and upper bodies of women, but the wings and feet of birds.


So, what caused the shift from birdlike to fish-like?

Since early Western Europeans lacked access to the artistic renderings of the Greeks and Romans vision of sirens, it’s believed that when they read story’s about these creatures in ancient text, they assumed that the legends were describing what they considered to be a mermaid type being.

This is thought to be due to the similarity’s between the behaviors and character of siren’s as it was described in the texts, and to the ideas early western Europeans held as to what mermaids were supposed to be like. As such they began to portray sirens as having the bodies of women and tails of fish.


Past and Present

In the past introducing human traits and an element of story telling helped to bring the mystifying, sometimes unpredictable ocean into the more familiar territory of the known. With such a rich and varied history, the symbol of the mermaid is as changeable as the sea itself. One thing is certain, whether the mermaids of legends take on supernatural qualities or feature a simple tale of transformation, the stories about these mythical creatures make us feel magical.


Explore and learn more about mermaids and and sea monsters:
britannica.com, Merfolk-Wikipedia,study.com, amnh.org

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