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Our guest writer is Vincent Hennings, from Illinois. He is the co-creator of BeyondTheCubePodcast and author of Runner’s Rise : Road to Pro. More information about his published work is listed following his article. You can also learn about Vincent’s podcast here: I hope that you enjoy this brief guest post! Stay safe and keep being awesome.

Constructive Critique

Critique is a tough word. I don’t mean in the sense of it being rough, but that it is a hard word to read into. I have been part of a writing group for five years and a supervisor of others for one. The word is used quite a bit to the point where one of the topics of the bi-monthly meetings is Constructive Critique.

If you are a human and have cringed every time you read that word, I don’t blame you. It carries with it a negativity that we have attached to it. I feel there shouldn’t be. I admit it has taken me years to get past it, but I accept critique.

It is typical for us to feel pride in our work. You should. Being the subject of a critique should not change that or make you falter. We can only improve and elevate our self-confidence if we grow. A critique is a tool used to help us get better. It helps us become our best selves.

            In our realm as writers, one of the goals is to be the best storyteller we can be. We want the work that we put out into the world to burn bright. It can’t do that if there are parts of the story that fall flat, are misused, or are not spelled correctly. Any one of these can make the reader snap back into reality and question our ability. This causes a disconnect and all of the sudden, your story is not being told.

            Critiques help that story and us be the best we can be. It offers you ways to improve and lessons to learn. The corrections offer chances for self-reflection into yourself and show you how to be the best you (or the best you as a writer). Each decision you made was for a reason as every suggestion was made to help you make better decisions.

            Embrace the critique. The malice that we attach to every “correction” is not there as we think. The changes and ideas come from a place of helping. When you look at the core of those who are in charge of making the critiques, they are looking out for you and trying to guide you down the road of being the best storyteller you can be.

-Vincent Hennings,

More about Vincent Hennings published work:

Runners Rise on

Runners Rise on

Runner's Rise: Road to Pro

Runner’s Rise: Road to Pro-

E-sports is at the height of its growth. Teams and their stars are reaching celebrity status. Heather has long been chasing the dream of being a professional gamer. She finally has her chance to show the world she belongs there as Runner, her online persona.

When choices are made that jeopardize her career, will she stand and fight or accept that maybe it wasn’t meant to be? A heart-breaking tragedy within her family still weighs heavily on her heart as she makes her decision. Does she have the will to overcome these obstacles and will she sabotage herself once victory is within reach?

by Vincent Hennings (Author), Betty Jordan (Editor), Trevin Hippen (Photographer)

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