Book Four

The Blood Inheritance Quartet

Published on February 14th 2023:
Available in hardcover, paperback, and electronic formats

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After finding out that she and the other half-bloods were created to help bring the world to its catastrophic end, Amanda did the unthinkable.

Ashamed, disfigured, and alone, she has spent weeks in the Chaos realm, determined to uncover the secrets that sleep below the gardens before she dares to return to the others. She works to blend in with the strange inhabitants that dwell nearby, but as the moon wanes and a visit from the dictatorial celestial is eminent, following their strict rules becomes impossible.

Emily and Kiami push to continue the search for the final half-blood, but a remnant of an old foe resurfaces, bringing unexpected consequences and causing them to question whether they can right the wrongs of the past.

After an unknown ally tips Amanda off, completing the puzzle, a bargain is struck, and it’s a race against time. Once the half-bloods are united, the celestial will come at them with everything he has…

Their gifts have pushed them together and forced them to make unfathomable choices. Now, Amanda, Emily, and Kiami lead a charge against the celestial, sealing Sumir’s fate forever.

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Themes include: Betrayal, Loss, Fear, Survival, Courage, Heroism, Discovery, Power, Magic,  Isolation, Acceptance, Identity,  Moral Dilemma, Strong Female Heroines.

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Copyright © M. Ainihi, 2017
     All rights reserved.

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