The Warning Signs

The Warning Signs

Short story collection

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Don’t ignore…

…the warning signs

Something lurks beneath the waves on an island where the sun never sets; a ghost tries to stop an up-and-coming serial killer; a heartless sorceress is thrilled when she finds access to the human realm; a boy tries to win his crush’s heart by challenging a horrifying local legend.

Delve deep into the shadowy, unexplored territories of the imagination with these short stories that are sure to frighten and enchant.

From misunderstood spirits to encounters with mythical creatures, these twisted tales include run-ins with ghosts, mermaids, werewolves, sorceresses, vampires, murderers, and their victims.

This book features 12 short story’s

  One-Shot Shorts –
The Warning
The Felling
Dead Already
The Interview
The Other Side of the Door

 Tales from Sumir – (taking place in the fantasy world of The  Blood Inheritance Quartet)
Cultivating Wrath
Bavmordia Part One ~ The Journey
Bavmordia Part Two ~ Lessons

 Day 32,854 –
Amma Part One ~ The Escape
Yareli Part Two ~ The Return
Alternate Version of Events ~ The Return (Amma)


Genre: Paranormal Fantasy, Horror, and Dark Fantasy
Themes include: Betrayal, Fear, Survival, Courage, Heroism, Discovery, Power, Magic,  Isolation, Identity, and more…

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