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Title: TBD

Short story collection

(Commonality between stories: wishes/desires gone wrong)

(Set up similarly to The Warning Signs)

Current phase: Writing/Rewriting


This book features 12 short story’s

  One-Shot Shorts –
1. The Look
2. Dome-icile
3. The Young Collector
4. Invasion
5. The Photographer

6. Aberration

 Tales from Sumir – (taking place in the fantasy world of The  Blood Inheritance Quartet)
7.  Asylum

8. The Space Between

9. Star Guide/Bitter Sweet

 Miracle Baby –
10.  Part One ~ Circumstances
11. Part Two ~ The Van
12. Part Three ~ Misinterpretation

Genre: Dark Fantasy and Horror, Paranormal Fantasy, Science Fiction
Themes include: Betrayal, Loss, Fear, Survival, Courage, Heroism, Discovery, Power, Magic,  Isolation, Acceptance, Identity,  Moral Dilemma, and more…

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Copyright © M. Ainihi, 2017
     All rights reserved.

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