Updates, Quotes, and Werewolves

Fast Updates: I am excited to announce that professional copy editing has begun on “The Warning Signs!” If you are interested in learning more, I will be participating in an interview with Mark L. Schultz on http://www.wordrefiner.com. I had the honor of being interviewed by AllAuthor.com. The questions and answers were posted on February 12th….

Updates, Quotes, and Mermaids

Fast Updates: Added new events – Toy Con Toy Show, Planet Funk Con, and updated date for Mighty Con. *If you loved “Rise”, Be sure to cast your vote at The Kindel Book Review!  VOTE SciFi/Fantasy 2020 by clicking this link: kindlebookreview.net/vote-sci-fi-fantasy. Be sure to leave a comment about you favorite book listed.* I have…