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Life is no fairy-tale after Amanda encounters the jinn…
Most humans do not know about the existence of the outer realms, or the fierce battles that once were waged between the magical races before their creation.
But for fifteen-year-old Amanda it’s her new reality, a place where darkness lies around every corner, and she’s lost almost all hope of surviving it.
When she feels, the darkness closing in around her, Amanda is not sure if she can hold onto a single speck of light, and soon she comes to understand that some secrets are better left buried.

In this sequel to Rise, Amanda searches for the link between herself and the visions that afflict her. Unsure if the people she observes are the cause or the cure of all her troubles, she focuses on the two she feels the deepest connection with, the shy healer Emily and the brave Kiami, who can control humans with her song:
For years, Emily has endured her parents’ harsh treatment without her curse showing itself, but when her best friend has an accident, she cannot ignore the compulsion to save her. She’s afraid to return home, and the wisps, glowing beings of light, seem to be her only allies as trouble and magic follow her everywhere she goes.
Before Amanda knew about the seven realms, she longed to know her mother. Now her inherited gift is the very thing she fears most, and even as she fights to keep her shadow magic at bay, she can feel it growing inside her. Plagued by nightmares and haunted by a new vision of Emily, a cryptic accusation may just send her tumbling over the edge.
Kiami’s magical abilities have always been nurtured by her guardians, but when she suddenly finds herself abandoned, she becomes desperate to find anyone that’s immune to her song. So when Amanda and her jinn companion seek her out for help, she agrees.
As their paths intertwine, the world around them becomes increasingly dangerous. There is a dark power determined to prevent them from understanding the truth, and as the teens get closer to unraveling the mystery, it becomes clear that they will have to work together if they want to survive long enough to figure it out.

On the world of Sumir, the realms were put into place to keep peace by separating the magical races, but what will happen if those barriers collapse?
Picking up from where Lost ended, Endow takes Emily, Amanda, and Kiami, on a dangerous trip through the realms.
Amanda is determined to prove that the stones they were given are the very ones from the ancient myth. To do so she may have to divulge a few of her dark secrets.
But a powerful storm is on the horizon, one that crackles with magical energy, and it throws them off course. Taking the opportunity to get Emily to accept a leading role, Amanda pushes her at every turn. She needs her to see the warrior that she knows lurks deep inside.
Kiami’s customary optimism is quelled as more truths are unveiled. An encounter with the wizard Bloise may give them answers, but she fears it will cost them too, and even after he explains the source of her inherited powers, she is left feeling like she’s running and getting nowhere.
When Amanda is reunited with her mother, it is not the happy encounter she once imagined. In a world soon to be at war, she realizes their curses were meant to cause the planet’s destruction. Can they be used for salvation instead ?


After finding out that she and the other half-bloods were created to help bring the world to its catastrophic end, Amanda did the unthinkable.

Ashamed, disfigured, and alone, she has spent weeks in the Chaos realm, determined to uncover the secrets that sleep below the gardens before she dares to return to the others. She works to blend in with the strange inhabitants that dwell nearby, but as the moon wanes and a visit from the dictatorial celestial is eminent, following their strict rules becomes impossible.

Emily and Kiami push to continue the search for the final half-blood, but a remnant of an old foe resurfaces, bringing unexpected consequences and causing them to question whether they can right the wrongs of the past.

After an unknown ally tips Amanda off, completing the puzzle, a bargain is struck, and it’s a race against time. Once the half-bloods are united, the celestial will come at them with everything he has…

Their gifts have pushed them together and forced them to make unfathomable choices. Now, Amanda, Emily, and Kiami lead a charge against the celestial, sealing Sumir’s fate forever.

The Blood Inheritance Novels are a planned quartet. They were released as: #1 Rise – #2 Lost- #3 Endow- #4 Resist
Genre: YA Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Epic Fantasy
Themes include: Betrayal, Loss, Fear, Survival, Courage, Heroism, Discovery, Power, Magic,  Isolation, Acceptance, Identity, Bravery,  Jealousy,  Loyalty, Journey, Moral Dilemma.

First published by M. Ainihi in 2017

Copyright © M. Ainihi, 2017

All rights reserved.





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