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The Blood Inheritance Novels Series Two-Book Set: Rise and Lost by [M. Ainihi, Tauseef  Ahmed, Allister  Thompson]


Before Amanda knew about the seven realms, she longed to know her mother. Now her inherited gift is the very thing she fears most, and even as she fights to keep her shadow magic at bay, she can feel it growing inside her…

In this sequel to Rise, a cryptic accusation sends Amanda on a search for the fragile link between herself and the haunting visions that afflict her. Unsure if the people she observes are the cause or the cure of all her troubles, she focuses on the two she feels the deepest connection with, the shy healer Emily and the brave Kiami, who can control humans with her song.

But there is a dark power determined to prevent them from understanding the truth, and as the teens get closer to unraveling the mystery, it becomes clear they will have to work together if they want to survive long enough to figure it out.

Genre: Fantasy
Themes include: Betrayal, Loss, Fear, Survival, Courage, Heroism, Discovery, Power, Magic,  Isolation, Acceptance, Identity,  Moral Dilemma.

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