Endow Launch Deal

To celebrate the launch of the third book in the blood inheritance quartet we are offering a special price for “Rise” on amazon in eBook format:


This offer is only available for a limited time through amazon.

“Rise“is a fast-paced introductory novel to an alternate world where mundane humans are oblivious to the existence of the realms that separate them from other magical races.

When she feels, the darkness closing in around her, Amanda is not sure if she can hold onto a single speck of light, and soon she comes to understand that some secrets are better left buried.

You can see what others have to say here: Reviews “Rise”

or/and learn more at https://fictionhideaway.com



The story continues with “Lost” In this sequel Amanda searches for the link between herself and the visions that afflict her. Unsure if the people she observes are the cause or the cure of all her troubles, she focuses on the two she feels the deepest connection with, the shy healer Emily and the brave Kiami, who can control humans with her song.


You can view it on amazon here: Lost 

You can read the reviews here: Reviews – Lost



On the world of Sumir, the realms were put into place to keep peace by separating the magical races, but what will happen if those barriers collapse?
Picking up where Lost ended, Endow takes Emily, Amanda, and Kiami, on a dangerous trip through the realms.

Endow: A Blood inheritance Novel is now available in E-book, Mobi, Paperback, and Hardcover versions through many online retailers such as:

Apple books

Google books


Barnes and Noble 



Check out “Resist: A Blood Inheritance Novel” on our works in progress page. Resist will be the final book in the planned quartet.


*Note* The normal monthly “updates, quotes, and article” post will be live on August 12th.




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